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:iconiloveyoutooplz:Awesome Gifts From My Awesome Friends:iconiloveyouplz:

Aisha request by SoletticoSuspect number two by SoletticoPillow talk by SoletticoMiss Mina's admirer by SoletticoCats and Dogs Colored by 12Beast1212Aisha continued by SoletticoAisha redux by Solettico:iconsolettico:

Mature Content

Red Torment by CheshireCaterling

Mature Content

GIFTART: Red Torment 2 by CheshireCaterling
Persona OC Mudbath by CheshireCaterlingHAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCIE by CheshireCaterlingCOMMISSION: Captive Spider by CheshireCaterling:iconcheshirecaterling:


Mature Content

DazCraft's Entry by Yumeshunketsu777

Mature Content

Relent's Entry by Yumeshunketsu777

Mature Content

Wet Laughs... by Sir-Bombers

Yumes Contest Entry by PaladinGalahad:iconpaladingalahad:

a experience with Yumes by master417:iconmaster417:

Gift Art - Yumes gets Michio by Michio-chan:iconmichio-chan:

-Request-Box and Yumes by WelderFace:iconwelderface:

For Yumes by Alma1129Behold, my cherished sunshine by Alma1129

Mature Content

Childhood Friends and Yumes the samurai by Alma1129

From The Pup Heart by RBM-InkFoot Rub On Shosaru by RBM-InkMirabelle's Misadventure pg1 by RBM-InkFoot Nom-nom by RBM-InkCosplay Of Love by RBM-InkYumes' WPQ Prize by RBM-InkSole Cleaning by RBM-Ink

Mature Content

Lust and Submission by RBM-Ink
Happy Birthday Yumes by RBM-InkYumes' Delight by RBM-InkDethroning The Current Champ by RBM-InkWandering Strangers by RBM-Ink:iconrbm-ink:

Happy Birthday Yumes by LycanthropAshYumes' Request by LycanthropAshHappy New Year Everypony by LycanthropAshCom - Punishment for Cuteness by LycanthropAshDOG PILE! by LycanthropAsh:iconlycanthropash:

'Heel, Boy!' by rj88:iconrj88:


Mature Content

Oh, you are so yummy by MarchHareot

Yumes by HomunculusLoverCom - Yumes Cuddles by HomunculusLoverYumes VS Tibby by HomunculusLoverCom - Puppy's Lickable Love by HomunculusLoverStrip Life - Ideal Dog by HomunculusLoverYumes At The Ranch Cafe by HomunculusLover:iconhomunculuslover:

Repost- Silly Yumes by Angel-goat:thumb201088438::iconangel-goat:

A Pup and A Nobody
The orange and red gradient of light that was the sunset illuminated the forgotten mansion on the edge of the forest. In one of the highest rooms completely adorned in white was a girl, also dressed in white. "And.....done!" Naminé said, adding the last few crayon strokes to her drawing.  Her strange new visitor's face smiled just as widely as hers when he saw his simple likeness on the paper.
She had found him in the woods, tired and very much lost. He wasn't a Nobody like her, despite his black robes. He wasn't human, even though he looked like one. He had a dog's ears and tail, yet he wasn't one of those. She knew he was shy, since he had hardly spoken a word since they returned. "What do you think of it?" she asked, turning the portrait towards the short 'pup'.
"I-it looks great!" he beamed. "I wish there was something I could do in return for all your kindness.."
"You're very welcome" Naminé said, smiling sweetly. "You don't have to do anything at all. I just w
A Nobody and a Pup by Reserved-Chuckle:iconreserved-chuckle:

100th Deviation special by grippedchimpCommission:  Jumping at the chance by grippedchimpPoisonous owns Yumeshunketsu by grippedchimp:icongrippedchimp:

Yumes Request by GeminiJC:icongeminijc:

Yumes uses TICKLE by MintyMousyX

Mature Content

Convincing Gustavo to draw again =3 by MintyMousyX

The Gloves Are Off by TickleTortureFever:icontickletorturefever:

A winged hug by RavenDrakilRed-heads having fun by RavenDrakil:iconravendrakil:

Mature Content

SIZE PLAY TICKLING - You're Doing It Right by BigMansini

Mature Content

Playtime (Yumes Contest Entry!) by oddtickles

A Bit of an Exaggeration... by theunknown1:icontheunknown1:

OC Jam by Kenzoe64Yumes by Kenzoe64Big tickle Pic by Kenzoe64:iconkenzoe64:

Paddy loves puppy by Stalker5999Quin 'adopts' a Pup by Stalker5999Yume, the foot teaser by Stalker5999

Mature Content

Quins 'Plush' by Stalker5999
Yumes Nap by Stalker5999

Mature Content

Happy Birthday Yume by Stalker5999

Mature Content

Birthday Yumes girls by Stalker5999

Mature Content

Whom Doms Whom by Stalker5999

The Birthday Bank Heist With Zack and Yumes"Looks like we're in position…Hand me the C4!" "You gave me C4? owo"  "Yes! In that duffel bag!" "You gave me a bag of cookies…*munch* Mmm…" "Damn, wrong bag. Oh well, this is a stealth mission anyways. Gimme a boost!" Outside of a two story house in the middle of a less-than-average American city, a young woman and young man jump over the fence and work their way to the back yard. Quietly they duck down and sneak around the corner to the back door where the girl tosses her long black hair back before picking at the lock. Her purple eyes scanned side to side when the door made a click. "Remember, we want to wake him up just at the right time, so let's keep it down."
     The boy tip toed through the house while the girl made casual-but-silent steps, both of them opening each door to try looking for their target. "I found him, he's in here!" "Good job, now let's move…On my signal we'll turn on the goods." Inside the room they crept
Happy Birthday, YumesIn a second story house on a casual looking street near the city of Grand, California, a twenty year old girl named Meril happily strolls about the living room decorating the walls. Red and black colored strings and confetti was spread throughout with the words "Happy Birthday" hung across the wall behind the couch. The slender girl had a young face and flowing black hair, her tank top cut at the belly covered with red blood stains. She reached into the pockets of her black jeans and pulled out a cell phone, running to one of the rooms excitingly while checking the time. "Alan! Alan! Guess what today is!" She kicked the door of the bedroom so hard the door bounced back and caught her off guard as she saw a nineteen year old boy bundled up in a burly blanket. "Hmm? Hey Meril...oh yeah, isn't today Herr Yumes' birthday?" "Yes it is! Come on, we gotta go find him!" The boy Alan mumbled a bit as she walked into the kitchen, kicking a frying pan on the stove to flip a pancake that landed on Doom in the Darkness W. Yumes"Alan, are you ready?" "Yeah, is Yumes here?" "Not yet, he should be here soon." In the second floor of a house sitting on a suburb near the city, nineteen and twenty-one year olds Alan and Meril were preparing themselves for a party. Today was Halloween, and in the woods by the outskirts of town there was going to be a fair with vendors and festivities throughout the night. "Heh, remember LAST year? Hopefully this time we'll cause less property damage." Alan stepped out of his room, but was not wearing his usual black trench coat and hat attire. All dressed up, he was wearing a black cap which read "SWAT" over his short black hair and a blue tee shirt tucked into black pants covered with tactical slots, his feet covered with black boots and two gun holsters by his sides with a badge hanging from his neck. Meril in contrast was wearing an outfit similar to her casual clothes with a clean white tank top cut at the belly and black jeans. Her hair was dyed a neon blue and dark blue with a Yumes Contest EntryNotice: This story is a contest entry. It contains themes of foot and tickling fetishes, read at your discretion (or don't, this is just a silly little Notice! Who reads those [let alone a whole story? XD]) Anyways, yeah, kink stuff, heads up.
“Alright sweetie, daddies' gotta go to work now.”
“Awww, okaaaaay...can you swipe me a pack'a gummie worms while you're out?”
“You know we will, honey. C'mon, give daddies a hug...”
    Rain hammered the streets of a suburb in the city of Los Runal, the skies dark with one unable to tell it was three in the afternoon from the grey clouds above. A fellow standing five-foot nine was in the middle of putting a rain poncho over his red two-piece suit as he looked to his feet, a little girl in a sweatshirt and sweatpants looking up at him with a bright smile. Kneeling his lean figure down to his daughter, she jumped up and gave him a big hug with her tail wagging glee
Babysitting the Little Missy -CM-It was another calm day in the streets of South City. The sun shined brightly overhead, sweet smells of candy and treats coming from the amusement boardwalk. Stepping out of a massive arcade, a little Zoketar girl smiled widely as she was greeted by the rides and vendors lining the way. "Woohoo, bet that guy didn't expect me'ta have less panic 'ttacks than him in that game! Saved his butt fer the good ending too, yay me! Whole arcade's gonna know the name Milena...and not 'cause'a Mortal Kombat n' that Mileena!" With a bag of gummi worms in the pocket of her baggy camo shorts, she nipped a small portion of cotton candy off of her rolled-up long sleeve shirt before seeing the watch on her left wrist. "Oh shucks, I got'sta get back to the apartment! Away I go!" A daring smirk formed on the Zoketar girl's face as she began sprinting forward, dodging around the taller people in the way as she rushed out onto the streets. The traffic light starting to turn red signaling she should not cross:iconalucard009:

:REPOST: Beach day by XPTZ-Studios:iconxptz-studios:

Contest entry - Mistaken identity by countfire:iconcountfire:

Smile for the Camera by SensualTouchX:iconsensualtouchx:

yumes commission by chaos-angel5yumes commission 3 by chaos-angel5yumes commission 2 by chaos-angel5devi and yumes freebie by chaos-angel5:iconchaos-angel5:

sketch by Mark5217Request:Yoruichi tickled by Mark5217Request:Aisha Clan Clan tickled by Mark5217:iconmark5217:

Say Cheese - Flash Animation by illionore

Mature Content

Strip Black Jack - flashgame by illionore

A Lot Of Red WIP by MostlyFunStuff Red and Black
I was just wandering into the village. It was late and the sun was beginning to set. As night fell on the village, the store owners began to close and lock up tight. Hm... It was closing hours already? I walked onward through the village, until I came upon a curious sight - a little half-pup whimpering at the side of a building. I can see his red hair, his brown ears and tail, and a black hakama was what he was wearing. I hear him mumble to himself...
"I wish I would have stayed in the woods...The trees were soft enough to sleep in. Here, everything's all hard and noisy..."
He sighed and pulled his knees to his chest, letting out a few whimpers as he closed his eyes, listening to the people around him passing by. There weren't many people around, and even if they passed him, they probably couldn't see him in this dim evening light.
I felt something... different.
It was an unsettling feeling, watching the little one here at this time of evening.
I felt bad leaving him alone.
I felt that
A Lot of Red and Black by MostlyFunStuff

Mature Content

Fetish Spirit Nicola by MostlyFunStuff

Mature Content

Yumes' Fem-Persona Fantasy by MostlyFunStuff

Mature Content

Sexy Feet Model Auditions by MostlyFunStuff

Mature Content

Sexy Feet Model Auditions by MostlyFunStuff

Mature Content

Yumes 2014 - Kaze Tenku by MostlyFunStuff
Chiyu by Yumeshunketsu777:iconmostlyfunstuff:

Mature Content

Yumes and Mina by zp92

Mature Content

Scepera and Mina-Part 2 by zp92

Mature Content

Two Girls One Pup by zp92

A pup plays with Nelly by BoneBoneKing4 feet 4 Yumes by BoneBoneKingHe is ticklish alright by BoneBoneKingMewwy Chwistmas by BoneBoneKingAll the King needs. by BoneBoneKing:iconboneboneking:


Contest Entry by aaronmizuno:iconaaronmizuno:

Yumes Request by Ribbotang:iconribbotang:

Turnabout Drawing by Demon-Without-HornsYumes Arting About by Demon-Without-Horns:icondemon-without-horns:

No resistance is beneficial by DatFilthySora:icondatfilthysora:

Yumes Head Sketch by ArmoredAlienArtistSketchy hug by HimawariKitsune-YiYa:iconarmoredalienartist:

Yumes Sketch colorized by Varikki:iconvarikki:

The Journey Ahead... by SharkstormBridge:iconsharkstormbridge:

Looooooooooooooom by NishiChanYumes Request by NishiChanYumes Fun by NishiChanMotherly?Nah by NishiChan:iconnishichan:

Yumeshunketsu777 commission by mystic-touch:iconmystic-touch:

Kusuguruketsu777 RequestFun in The Forest
By TickleWizard
"Phew, finally made it. My special litle haven, noone knows where it is so noone can come to bug me. At last I can have some peace and 'indulge' myself." The purple pig-tailed girl sighed as she sat against the base of a tall, healthy tree. She laid sat there for a few moments in peace, listening to nature play it's gentle tune. The birds sung, the spring next to where she sat gushed with water, the frogs ribbited and those cicada's made that bloody annoying noise they make. She let out another sigh before she reached forawrds to unstrap her shoes. She then slowly and gently pulled her shoes off, savouring the moment as herfeet were gradually freed from their rather sweaty smelling shoes. The smell was no surprise to her as she was after a ninja Shinigami who had spent all day chasing demons known as Hollows. The ninja girl sat, sighing gently as she wriggled and flexed her socked toes. "Hmm better but I think my feet have deserved a little bit more fr

We are as Gods by LaVioletta:iconlavioletta:

Puppy Love PT 1 by Tani-wolf:icontani-wolf:


-Request-Yumes uses Tickle by DarqLugia:icondarqlugia:

Mature Content

Playing around by Pan--Dulce

Chiyu gets a Special Visitor by IrkinGIR:iconirkingir:

Mature Content

Chiyu Spellbound and Sealed by Caroos-Dungeon


Cats n Dogs by Richy17:iconrichy17:

Yumes Great Day In LondonWarning: This is a foot story and contains scenes of worship and foot massage. if that is not your thing then take my warning and do not read on. thank you for all those who will read this warning. :)
The rain was pouring down on the streets of London at 11:00pm. The night was dark and the streets were deserted of all life, except for one. the one was a small pup named Yumes. Yumes shivered as he walked the streets, his usual shaggy red hair turned darker and covering his eyes a little that he had to keep brushing it away every 30 seconds. his usual black ropes soaked and dragging behind his slightly and his wooden sandals splashing in the puddles, causing his legs to only get even wetter. his ears were folded and his tail was down, both being soaked as Yumes looked down at the floor, walking slowly.
"i must find a place to sleep" he said to himself as he walked further down the street, hating every second of the rain, the journey of today having taken it's toll on his energy. Yumes ha

Hibiki, the puppy, and the goo... by FREETZO:iconfreetzo:

Contest:Yumes by leRedbird:iconleredbird:

Yumes Got Lucky by kd8lmnoYumes by kd8lmno

Mature Content

Jokan no Ashi by kd8lmno

Yumes Badge by SketchDalmatian:iconsketchdalmatian:

20K snacksketch two by bebob4999:iconbebob4999:

Point Sketch Com -Yumes by candlegirl:iconcandlegirl:

Hot dog by DashadyAlien:icondashadyalien:

Favourite character Meme by Flakchen:iconflakchen:

Yumes The Pleasure Toy by amyroseater:iconamyroseater::iconthe-last-of-the-oni:

Fight Club Females Part Deux by MeganekkoPlymouth241:iconmeganekkoplymouth241:

Dragon's flight by Sunyn:iconsunyn:

yumis eppic gift by tabbykat12344567:icontabbykat12344567:

Yumes Tickle Tortured by FetishistArtist:iconfetishistartist:

Yumes Bust Side View by WufWoolz:iconwufwoolz:


Commision-Kusuguruketsu777 by Carly40:iconcarly40:

Playing With His Food by The-Great-StashCats vs Dog by The-Great-StashPiggyback Yumes by The-Great-StashGift For Three by The-Great-StashZetsumei by The-Great-StashKaze's Intro by The-Great-StashFB Portrait 6 by The-Great-StashSUPPORT by The-Great-StashYumes Gift by The-Great-StashVICTORY by The-Great-StashA Puppy For Her Birthday by The-Great-StashAin't Noise Pollution by The-Great-StashHibiki's Faithful Puppy by The-Great-StashWill Work For Treats by The-Great-StashThe Mango Song by The-Great-Stash:iconthe-great-stash:

Yumes turn to tickle by Gear-of-RenWelcome back Yumes by Gear-of-RenBeing Friends by Gear-of-RenBear Foot rub by Gear-of-RenBoy's night... what the? by Gear-of-RenSleeping with Bear Foot by Gear-of-RenYumes meet Bear Foot by Gear-of-RenYumes, Kat, and Jeachim play time by Gear-of-RenI love this magic trick too by Gear-of-RenYumes meet Kat and Jeachim by Gear-of-RenPlaying with the Pups by Gear-of-RenYumes in stocks by Gear-of-RenShe's ticklish!? by Gear-of-RenYumes (Alter Outfit) by Gear-of-RenHappy Birthday Yumes by Gear-of-RenAisha is Yumes's toy now by Gear-of-RenHappy Snowy Holiday by Gear-of-Ren:icongear-of-ren:

:iconheart3dplz:None Yumes Related Gifts / Commissions:iconheart3dplz:

HibikiSTOCKER by SoleSketchMettaur's attack by pirata3Tickle Room by Richy17:thumb471166036:Super happy time for Misora by bebob4999POINT COMMISSION: Eliminating the Competition by Varikki
Commission:  She cannae do the Clan Clan by grippedchimpAisha ClanClan Point commission by SharkyCRequest:Aisha Clan Clan Tickled by Red2870Aisha ClanClan Tickle Tortured by FetishistArtist60K lottery prize Aisha by bebob4999WWU: Aisha Clan Clan by paralianQueenFelicia by vegetossj4
Gift: Gardevoir by VarikkiIn space, No one can hear you 'mooooooo.' by Sir-BombersPolice Endurance Training by Varikki Victoria Cindry by some-random-drawing

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I now have a custom PC~!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 1:17 PM
Welp, it sure cost me a pretty penny, but I have a self built *via a roommate because I know jack* PC! Heheh bought some nice parts and $1400 later, I now have a pretty powerful machine I'd say!

Quite excited to see what this baby can do. Especially in terms of gaming. Never had a gaming PC before after all~ But I can play about anything now I say!

Anyways just making this journal cause I am very excited about it! Should be a ton of fun~ hehe

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Alright! Fire-Fox's Tickle Pageant! Who should run? Chiyu or Kaze? 

36 deviants said Chiyu Chiyu by Yumeshunketsu777
24 deviants said Kaze

Mature Content

Kaze Tenku by Yumeshunketsu777


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